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Spreadsheets are Holding Your Company Back: Download Free eBook

by | Apr 5, 2024

Spreadsheets can hold your business back. While technology has advanced rapidly, many supply chain leaders still rely on outdated spreadsheets to manage demand and supply planning. Our eBook highlights the risks of this approach.

Spreadsheets are prone to errors, which happen about 88% of the time. This leaves companies vulnerable financially and at risk of losing market share. Tactical planning takes time away from strategic evaluation of options. Sharing spreadsheets for input is time-consuming and error-prone, limiting collaboration between teams. Spreadsheets also don’t use important real-time data from outside sources, restricting planning effectiveness and ability to respond quickly to changes.

Digital planning tools offer many benefits to strengthen your supply chain and improve decision making. Things like real-time insights, more accurate forecasts, and new opportunities – our eBook covers these advantages. Machine learning analyzes internal and external data to provide useful insights and recommendations. This allows planning across products, customers, locations, and flexible strategies. Digital transformation opens doors for forward-thinking companies to align with evolving market trends and spark new revenue ideas.

Ready to upgrade from manual to AI-powered solutions? Our eBook guides the transition step-by-step. We help with goals, alignment across teams, and every part of the process. As a supply chain leader, you don’t need to accept risky spreadsheets. Make room in your plans to implement AI solutions for a digital supply chain.